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As a dedicated physician, you can be confident in referring your patients to our Physical Therapy practice in Jersey City and West New York. We pride ourselves in having state of the art equipment, up to date treatment techniques, exceptional outcomes and sensitivity to both our patients' and physicians' needs.

Referring your patients to the right Physical Therapist is a reflection on you and your reputation. We at ABLe Physical Therapy would be honored to be allowed to partake in the care of your valued patients. You can count on A Better Life! See for yourself and see what our patients have to say.


Frequently Asked Questions from our referring physicians

How long does it take for my patient to be seen after I refer them for Physical Therapy?
How do I refer a patient to ABLe Physical Therapy?
What other information would be helpful to the physical therapist?
Do we need your operative, MRI, or X-ray reports?
How do I know what frequency and duration to refer my patient for?
How will I communicate with the Physical Therapist regarding my patient?
I am not sure that you can help my patient. Can I refer them for a Physical Therapy consultation?
How soon after an injury or procedure should I send a patient for physical therapy?
Why choose ABLe Physical Therapy?
What is a Functional Capacity Evaluation?

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