What other information would be helpful to the physical therapist?

Some helpful items to include on the prescription are:

  • The diagnosis or diagnoses (e.g. Lumbar Strain 847.2).
  • The type of surgery and date performed (s/p Unicompartmental knee replacement 10/21/2010, RTC repair with acromioplasty 01/23/2009).
  • Weight bearing restrictions for post-surgical and post-fracture patients (NWB, WBAT, TTWB, PWB, 50% WB, etc).
  • Fracture status if applicable.
  • ROM restrictions if any (e.g. No more than 90 deg Abduction, No External Rotation until post op day 28, etc).
  • Degree of resistance desired for post-surgical patients (e.g. PROM only; No AROM for 4 weeks, etc).
  • Expected outcomes after rehabilitation.
  • Specific requests.
  • PRECAUTIONS (e.g. cardiac precautions, keep BP < 140/90, maintain HR < 100 bpm, hypoglycemic, falls, etc).

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