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ABLe PT is a 100% Physical Therapist owned practice that specializes in geriatric and sports orthopedics, Medicare, pre and post operative rehabilitation, neck and back pain, spinal disorders, arthritis, joint replacements, neuromuscular conditions, repetitive stress injuries, occupational medicine, workplace ergonomics, motor vehicle accidents (MVA), slip and falls, personal injury (PIP), functional capacity examinations (FCE) and workers compensation (WC) cases. We are happy to be in constant communication with and work closely with your referring physician, nurse case manager, coaches, athletic trainers, insurance company and attorney to help you reach your goals.

Using peer reviewed, evidence based medical protocols, we address your needs.  Whether you are a Medicare patient with a recent hip replacement, a college football player post arthroscopic surgery, a recreational golfer trying to prevent invasive spinal surgery, a house wife with a sprained ankle, an office worker with carpal tunnel syndrome or just a regular working Joe with sciatica, you deserve the best...

You deserve A Better Life!

ABLe Physical Therapy is here to serve YOU! YOUR goals are OUR goals. We offer a full rehabilitation gym, the latest technology and a knowledgeable and caring staff.

Personal Injury and Workers Compensation 

We understand that personal injury and workers compensation cases are complicated. The last thing you need is a complicated physical therapy process. We work closely with you, your doctors, your insurance adjusters and your attorneys to streamline your rehabilitation process. We are also certified to perform U.S. Government based Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) to help your physician objectively determine whether or not you are safe to return to work. Our goal is for you to have the best therapy experience possible and ultimately, A Better Life!

Medicare and Major Medical

We grew up in a culture that respects our elders. We have also spent years at various hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities in order to understand what you are going through. You just want to return to your everyday life of playing with your grandchildren, gardening, taking regular walks, going to worship, food shopping and playing cards with your friends. Whether you are finally home from rehab after your hip or knee surgery, your arthritis is acting up, or you had recent general surgery, we are here for you. Remember, it has been proven that even people over 80 years of age, diabetics, people with heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and most medical conditions benefit from physical therapy. We are here to get you back to function and back to your regular life. Our patients will even vouch that often times, they feel twenty years younger after receiving therapy from A Better Life! 

Sports Therapy and Athletic Rehabilitation

To our professional, recreational, college, high school and grade school athletes as well as the weekend warrior: we have been where you are and know where you need to be. From core stability exercises to functional training, from strength training to plyometrics, we have what you need! We fight right along your side to get you back to your game. Your Hard Work + A Better Life = A Better Score!

Work Hardening, Work Simulation, Workplace Ergonomics and Job Assessments

Pre-employment and return to work functional capacity evaluations (FCE) 

A functional capacity evaluation or examination is an objective tool for determining what job duties you are capable or not capable of doing. Our FCE is a peer reviewed and evidence based test, meaning it is thoroughly researched by our peers in the field of occupational medicine and ergonomics. It is based on the U.S. Government's Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT). It is a special medical and legal tool used by your physician, insurance company, attorney and employer to determine what you are safely and physically capable of doing at work. It can be performed prior to employment to determine if you are qualified for a specific job or it can be performed after you are injured at work to determine if you are safe to return. It is a test that can last up to four hours. 
We also perform work site ergonomic job assessments to determine safety in the workplace.
Both employees and employers benefit from our occupational rehabilitation services! 

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